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Looking to optimize your YouTube Advertising campaigns by finding trending keywords? Grow your YouTube Channel audience? Get your videos to rank higher in search results? Our suite of tools for keyword, video, and channel search has everything you need!

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Everything you need to grow your YouTube presence and Ads

Smart Similar Keywords

Our Similar Keywords system is powered by Machine Learning and will discover hidden contextual keyword relationships.

Video Placement Ads

Supercharge your YouTube Video Placement ad process by quickly finding the top videos to advertise on.

Competitor Research

Keep an eye on your competitors with our YouTube Channel Search feature.

Stay Organized

We make it easy to start and stay organized with your Keyword research with Collections.

With KeywordSearch you can reach any YouTube goal

Drive leads to your business

Find the right keywords to optimize your ROI for driving leads to your business via YouTube advertisements.

Grow your YouTube Channel

Use our YouTube Channel search and meta keyword, tag, and topic tools to setup your YouTube Channel for success.

Power your agency's success

Get huge wins for your customers by arming your team with the best tool for optimizing YouTube advertising spend.

More than just a tool, KeywordSearch provides advertising lessons & best practices

AdOutreach Partner

We've partnered with the best-in-class YouTube advertising lesson provider.

Built-in Best Practices

KeywordSearch was built with top advertisers to transform their best practices into software.

Integrated Support

You aren't alone on this journey! Our support staff is available to help guide you.

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We offer a 7 day free trial to explore our software, or you can try a demo keyword search to get a sense of what we offer.

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“The best solution for YouTube keyword research”

“After using dozens of Keyword Research Tools & Methods, I never found one that had everything I needed, that's why was created - to be the All-in-One YouTube Keyword Solution to find the best keywords that drive the absolute best results."

Aleric Heck
YouTube Ads Expert & CEO of AdOutreach

“Key insights for creating YouTube content” was an instrumental tool for planning the YouTube content strategy at Accord.

Mari Luke
Head of Growth at Accord

“I love KeywordSearch!”

It's been my secret weapon for researching product trends based on YouTube views and trends. KeywordSearch makes discovering niche opportunities a breeze.

Brent Palmer
Principal Product Designer & Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How is KeywordSearch different from similar tools?

KeywordSearch differs from similar tools because we base all of our data directly on YouTub search results from the perspective of the user.

How much does this cost?

We offer a monthly plan of $97 per month, or an annual plan of $873 per year.

How do get Collection data into Adwords?

All of our Collections and search results can either be 1-click exported as a CSV or copied to your clipboard.

How do I get started?

Once you've got your Free Trial, we recommend going to the "Search" page and trying a keyword search, there is also a video tutorial available on the Search screen.

Do you support language options?

Yes! we do, you can search by country and language, the settings are easy to toggle in the top right corner of the application.

Is there a way to exclude keywords from search?

Yes! the option to exclude a list of keywords from search is inside the "Advanced Search" option on the search screen.