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“Keyword Search has been indispensable to our YouTube Ads. It saves so much time researching audiences and competitors. The training videos are just as valuable as the tool, because they actually train you to effectively use the tool as well. I can confidently say our YouTube ads would not be performing as well as they are if it weren't for KeywordSearch.”
Ethan Bence
4080 Marketing

Create ad audiences in seconds with AI

AI-Powered Audience Generation

Powerful AI audience builder templates

Tap into the power of AI to generate highly relevant audiences using our AI Audience Builder templates. Including business description, target persona, keyword lists, competitors, and more. Uncover untapped opportunities and refine your ad targeting in seconds using our AI algorithm.

Comprehensive Targeting Options

Discover all the ways to reach your ideal clients

Elevate your ad campaigns with diverse targeting options provided by our AI, including interests, keywords, related websites, related apps, and YouTube channels. Create laser-focused campaigns that resonate with your audience and boost ad performance by engaging viewers across multiple targeting options, maximizing your chances of success. All from just one AI search.

Pre-Built Audience Groups & Expansion

Streamline your audience creation with AI-powered grouping & expansion

Our AI Audience Builder automatically groups your target audience keywords by topic, allowing for better organization and optimization of your ad segments & campaigns. Unlock new possibilities with auto-expanded topic lists, providing you with fresh keyword ideas that help you reach a wider audience and stay ahead of the competition.

One-Click Google Ads Sync

Seamlessly sync your audiences to Google Ads in one click

Save time and effort with our one-click sync feature that effortlessly connects your AI-powered ad audiences to your Google & YouTube Ad campaigns. Streamline your ad creation process and ensure your targeting is always up-to-date, allowing you to focus on strategy and content while our platform takes care of the heavy lifting.

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“KeywordSearch is the tool I've been dreaming of for years and it's finally here. The time savings alone on audience and competitor research makes this tool a steal. This product has single handedly made all the annoying parts of Google Ads go away – it is seamless. There is no way that our Google Ads would be performing as well as they are without this tool.”
Phil Rivers
Email Marketing Expert
Phil Rivers

Supercharge your ad audiences with AI