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““What would have taken me days to do, took me only hours. The interface was so easy to use, they had great tutorial videos so I could get the best results.””
Jeremy Kenerson

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Discover your competitor's YouTube ads

Spy on your competitor's YouTube ads by searching our complete library of ads we've collected. KeywordSearch has access to tens of thousands of UNLISTED YouTube ads, with hundreds more being added every day!Use our AI-driven YouTube ad search to discover the top ads in your industry & niche!

Metadata insights

Discover keywords top ads are targeting

Easily discover the keywords top YouTube ads are targeting & add them to your own campaigns! This takes YouTube ad research to the next level & helps you turbo-charge your own YouTube ads with proven keywords!Also quickly perform keyword searches for any new keyword you discover to kickstart your YouTube keyword research!

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See which YouTube ads perform the best

With YouTube Ad Spy you can see all of your competitor's ads in one place! Sort by "views" or even "spend-trend" to see which ads perform the best for other advertisers. Stay up-to-date with new ads as they're launched!

“We love KeywordSearch — it was easy to use, super streamlined and the videos were very helpful. It doubled our clickthrough rates! We went from .5% to 1.3% CTR in less than a week.  It was very helpful in learning where my audience is searching, what videos they’re watching, and what sites they’re using.”
Arttemis Keszainn
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Arttemis Keszainn

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