November 10, 2021 vs Ahrefs

Top marketers are always on the lookout for an All-in-One keyword tool to master keyword search in 2021. KeywordSearch is a cost-effective and highly-efficient keyword software for companies to optimize their campaigns and take their business to the next level.

Why is the perfect Ahrefs alternative for marketers looking for a keyword research software solution?

For one thing, is the best keyword tool for companies that want something cost-friendly while also getting the job done. The platform has a host of supportive features ranging from audience targeting to similar keywords, search volume data and advertising assistant. 

With, brands can plan and strategize well-crafted keyword-based marketing campaigns and content through accurate research. The algorithm is able to capture queries that users are commonly searching for. Brands can increase their visibility through a wide range of search terms that go beyond specific primary keywords. Essentially, the keyword features make SEO simple by circling in on related keywords so that businesses and individuals can cover all ground in their campaigns.

You can make informed decisions by leveraging a robust set of tools used for data analytics. These aren’t just limited data extrapolated from Google Web Search. Instead, enables data-driven marketers to generate unique and fresh numbers relating to search volume, traffic and so much more.

Running ad campaigns on the largest video platform is one of the ways to make your brand stand out and be seen by audiences everywhere. However, it is crucial to know the best ways and the right people to target. Not to worry, enables marketers to efficiently drive up brand awareness and attention through targeted campaigns.